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If you dream alone it is only a dream,
if you dream together is reality begins.

Hello We would like to propose a project that we expect to realize, thanks to your help. The creation of an Eco village where the well-being of the person and the environment are in the foreground.

It is a recovery of an old hospital, used at the end of the 2nd World War.
Nestled in the mountains, among the centuries-old chestnut groves of the province of Modena (Italy)

Our social projects:

  • Structure "accommodation" with the support of other organizations and the City, the children accompanied with Down Syndrome.
  • The acceptance of the Boy Scouts organized groups, to enhance the eco-sustainability.
  • The acceptance of travelers interested in making the experience of communal living, in an environmentally sustainable society.
  • The creation of an eco-farm, where children can learn to respect nature.

Our eco-sustainable projects:

  • Auto-generation of electricity, up to 5 kw with eco-sustainable technology available.
  • Self-sufficient gas for heating and cooking
  • Creating a vegetable garden and underground greenhouses.
  • Planting of fruit trees, ancient to preserve biodiversity.
  • Recovery of ancient knowledge for the processing of medicinal plants. The art of the ancient natural medicine.
  • placement of hives for the preservation of the bees.

For an inner and social growth, we want to reclaim the contact with the earth, we have lost over the last few generations, and to take part in agricultural activities not only to produce food of high quality and authenticity, but also to find themselves side by side in the effort, knowing that this can be a great healing process.

he fundraiser, through solidarity and donations aims and sense to equip ourselves with instruments of growth; collections resources, both financial ones, but also creative and thought, want to stand out from the common system in place that always used to power the same logic. As mentioned, the focus of the work are research and study aimed at developing a particular type of education that represent the center and the "heart" of this project. The logic is the same for donations to charitable foundations in socio-humanitarian purposes. Help this project means helping the realization of something (initially a campus for Boy Scouts and free camping, a University) that will benefit all and sundry. To achieve this we need to get involved, personally, starting from our own resources, through the experience of "Fundraising", through crowdfunding, a modern collective collection system, via the web, where each gives what can, who wants to, whose transparency and numerical feedback are visible to each user and where "growth" of the project can be seen by all. Our projects can display them on the site.

Reason : Eco village starter
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